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Welcome to Great American Gold Rush

Our mission statement:


At Great American Gold Rush, we believe that education is key when it comes to buying and selling gold and silver. We offer a variety of services to help you understand the value of your precious metals and how to navigate the market. Our expert team is dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you so that you can make informed decisions about your investments.


Learn How to Buy & Sell Gold
       & Silver for Profit!


170 Years in the Making!!


The Second Great American Gold Rush Is HERE!


1850s The First Gold Rush



They traveled to a claim

Bought tools & Supplies

Spent weeks panning

Hoped to find gold

They buy a gold rush kit

Find local yard sales

Buy scrap jewelry

Cash in!!

2020s The Second Gold Rush





* In 1848, Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, Ca.

* About 300,000 people traveled to California in search of gold.

* Of those who made the journey, only a very few struck it rich.

* Long hours and backbreaking work caused many to give up.


* Between 7 and 9 Million Americans hold yard sales annually.

* Scrap gold is found in just about every home in the U.S.

* A number of items at yard sales are undervalued, including gold.

* With the right knowledge, people are profiting at yard sales.


“The test kit is awesome! I purchased one last week and I purchased a jewelry box at a local yard sale for $25 and found several items that were gold. I took them in to the folks at Gold Rush and found out that I had $325 worth of scrap gold. I'm in the profit already!


Randy J., Milton, Pa.​


“ The Gold Rush Prospector's Kit makes it easy to learn how to make some extra money on the weekends. 

In these hard times, we are finding that many people are willing to sell their old and broken jewelry. 

The Gold Rush Kit has provided our family with a much needed "Economic Stimilus"

Jerry & Latisha M Selinsgrove, Pa.




“I found the Gold Rush online and since I am only an hour drive away, I visited them in Selinsgrove, Pa. I took some items in for them to evaluate. It's amazing to see how they test for gold. They actually took a half hour to show me how to test for gold and silver. I purchased the test kit and now I'm going to yard sales on the weekends and making some extra money part time.

BTW- They pay the highest cash for the gold I bring into them.


Jason H. Harrisburg, Pa.​


“ I've been going to yard sales and estate auctions for years and have been able to pick up some very nice lots of gold, silver, and coin collections.

I always take my gold items into Spencer and Dave at Gold Rush because they always pay far above all the other places.

Thanks Guys!

Ricardo M. Scranton, Pa.




“ I was going to sell some of my unwanted items at our annual yard sale. As I was putting some of my items out for sale and pricing them, my neighbor came by and asked me why I had $25 on my jewelry box. I told her that it was mostly broken and unwanted items and she told me that I should take my jewelry to the Gold Rush to get it looked at first. They tested and weighed a few of the gold items and offered me 725.50 for the very same jewelry box that I had a $25 price tag on! I suggest that anyone who wants to put out jewelry at a yard sale get it checked out first!! 

Sandra W. Williamsport, Pa.




“ A big shout out to Spencer, Devon, and Dave at The Great American Gold Rush!

In the past, they always took the time to test my gold and silver items I would find at auctions, and yard sales.

Since then, I've purchased a Prospector's Kit and I can now test items for myself as well as others. I now have my whole family turned into "Yard Sales Warriors!


Robin T. Lewisburg, Pa.​

“I just got my GR Kit and had a lot of questions for them. I called and Dave called me back and explained everything to me. I decided to send them a sample of gold I had inherited from my Mom and he explained what I had and how much it was worth and I was amazed at what I had gotten from them. I'm struggling right now because I lost my job last month so the money has really come in handy.


Amanda G. Mansfield, Pa.

“ I got laid off last fall and had fallen on hard times so I took some of my old jewelry items into GAGR to see if they had any value. I walked out with over $500! It sure went a long way to help make ends meet. Thanks GAGR!

 Since they have taken the time to show me how to identify gold and silver, I've been able to purchase gold items and make extra money on the weekends. 

Joan M. Lock Haven, Pa.




“Over the years I've invested in gold and silver. With gold and silver available at yard sales every weekend all over my state, I can add value to my gold and silver holdings for pennies on the dollar! The Gold Prospector's Kit allows me to make sure that the gold and silver I purchase real!


Carl K. Edmond, OK.


“Last month I sent for free information about the Gold Rush Prospectors Kit.

I got a brochure, business card, and information on how to send my jewelry items in to The Gold Rush for a free appraisal. I sent a few items in an evaluation and was amazed at what the items were valued at!

I've since purchased the Kit and no know now exactly what my items are worth!

At my next yard sale I will not give my jewelry away for a song and a dance.


Zack T. Erie, Pa.​




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